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Positive Landing’s founder has been providing service to his county, community, and industry for over 30 years.  His “moto” is “small enough to listen to what every customer wants and big enough deliver what every customer needs!”  https://www.linkedin.com/in/kelly-rich/

Why a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) business?  We started Positive Landings to help clients “fix” their websites. People tell us that they spend thousands of dollars for their company to appear at the top of web searches only to be listed many pages down…. if they are listed there at all!!  All too often we were told by business owners that the big search engines were draining their finances with expensive pay-per-click campaigns with little to no results.

The name Positive Landings is an aviation term meaning to “stick a good landing” usually on a short, wet, or otherwise compromised runway.  We know that most search engines are compromised, hence the name…..we provide a “stuck “ landing with every search.

We started small with companies and business owners we knew.  We decided that we can help business everywhere have  “Positive Landings” while using any search engine to UNLOCK OPPORTUNITIES ONE (search) LANDING AT A TIME.  

As a licensee of GMP (Get Me Placement)we have proprietary GMP software with a Master Google Developer agreement in place.   The back-office support is immense including website development and staff writers which have  “fixed” over 40,000 websites, enabling clients to cancel their expensive pay-per-click campaigns.

We are a Veteran Owned Company located in Florida with National coverage. 

We are very specific in what we do with defined deliverables. We have a focus to deliver one thing at a time, every time.

We say what we do with:

-Free website consultation, we show you how your website is being penalized.

-Published Pricing for our service

-Defined Service Level Agreement (SLA)

 Regardless of the size of your business, we are here to provide front-page placement across all the search engines to you with guaranteed results or your money back.

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